2nd referendum possible according to Jeremy Hunt

2nd referendum possible according to Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt has put his name in line for next Prime Minister

Health minister Jeremy Hunt has said the UK could hold a second referendum on EU membership.

Writing in today’s Telegraph newspaper, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said a re-run could happen if Britain can strike a new deal with Europe.

He is calling for an agreement that gives the UK control over immigration.

Mr Hunt is expected to run in the contest to succeed David Cameron as Conservative leader and Prime Minister.

However, Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell – who wanted to remain in the EU has said Mr Cameron’s replacement should be a leave campaigner: “It needs to be someone who is very clear in their mind that they want us to be out and when these difficult negotiations take place they need to carry authority and conviction both within the country and within the party.”

George Osborne has said he will not seek to replace David Cameron as British Prime Minister when he stands down.

Speaking in the Times of London, the UK Chancellor said he is “not the person to provide the unity the party needs”.

Yesterday a proposed timetable was put forward by a group of Tory MPs that would see a new Prime Minister in place by September.

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