Secret ‘Saudi’ chapter of 9/11 report released by US government

Secret ‘Saudi’ chapter of 9/11 report released by US government


The US government released a once-classified chapter of a congressional report about the attacks of September 11 2001 that questions whether Saudi nationals who were in contact with the hijackers after they arrived in the US knew what they were planning.

Later investigations found no evidence that the Saudi government or senior Saudi officials knowingly supported those who orchestrated the attacks.

But politicians and relatives of victims, who don’t believe all Saudi links to the attackers were thoroughly investigated, pushed for more than 13 years to get the pages released.

Former president George W. Bush classified the chapter to protect intelligence sources and methods and perhaps to avoid upsetting Saudi Arabia, a close US ally.

President Barack Obama ordered a declassification review of the chapter, which Congress released on Friday.

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