Turkey issues warrants for arrest of newspaper journalists and executives

Turkey issues warrants for arrest of newspaper journalists and executives

Journalists gather outside a court building to support their colleague journalist Bulent Mumay, who was detained Tuesday in connection with the investigation launched into the failed coup attempt in Turkey.

Turkey has issued warrants for the detention of 47 former executives and senior journalists of the Zaman newspaper, allegedly associated with a US-based Muslim cleric accused over the failed coup, according to the state-run news agency.

The Anadolu agency said at least one journalist, former Zaman columnist Sahin Alpay, was detained on Wednesday.

Zaman, which was linked to cleric Fethullah Gulen’s religious movement, was raided by police and seized by the government in March.

Earlier this week, warrants were issued against 42 other journalists, of whom 16 have been detained for questioning.

The detention of journalists and widescale purges of officials have raised concerns about a possible witch hunt after the violent coup attempt on July 15 that killed about 290 people.

Turkey has detained more than 13,000 people in the military, judiciary and other institutions in purges since the uprising.

Tens of thousands of other state employees with suspected links to Mr Gulen have been suspended from their jobs in sectors including education, health care, city government and even Turkish Airlines.

Mr Gulen, who lives in the United States and runs a global network of schools and foundations, has repeatedly denied any knowledge of the coup attempt.

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