Angela Rayner’s CAR CRASH interview on Sunday Politics

Angela Rayner’s CAR CRASH interview on Sunday Politics

Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner

By Afolabi Thomas

Shadow Secretary Angela Rayner spoke with Andrew Neil on the Sunday Politics, where she was asked specifically about the “carelessness” of the labour party having a leadership contest without completely agreeing the rules.

Around 130,000 more people want to join the labour party and vote in this labour contest, but they have not been vetted.

Angela Rayner continued to answer the question with the following statement: “I think it’s important to recognize … the democratic decision …”.

“Have these 130,000 that joined after the referendum, have they been vetted?” Andrew Neil asks.

“Democracy is important”, and that is all she wrote, without a single answer to the question “have they been vetted”.

She continued to not provide answer, and as she was asked if she would vote for Jeremy Corbyn in this election she provided this answer: “I recognize that Jeremy Corbyn, less than a year ago, had a significant mandate to lead our party, i don’t think it’s time to have a leadership contest…”

“But will you vote…”, Neil asked.

“I have made it absolutely clear, that i will listen to what our membership says,” she answered.

It seems like every time an MP is questioned by Andrew Neil, they continue to be ridden with the “no answer” disease, following from Ed Vaizey’s dreadful interview as well.

Can our politicians be trusted?

Surely there is a obvious answer to this, however with MPs that are unable to answer specific questions that viewers ask, then clearly one can be skeptical.

Angela Rayner, when given the opportunity, would resort to attacking the Tory party on their decision to appoint Theresa May as Prime Minister without any opposition.

The labour party has been in crisis mode since the so-called “blairite coup” to take down labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. A large portion of the shadow cabinet resigned leaving the public astonished with little to say.

As time moves on, if Jeremy Corbyn can grab another leadership win, clearly there can be no more opposition, and as Rayner said, they must respect what the “membership says”.

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