Arrow Preview: Post-episode 1, “Green Arrow”

Arrow Preview: Post-episode 1, “Green Arrow”

Arrow. CW Television Series.

By Afolabi Thomas

This year’s most anticipated season, Arrow, will be giving us a whole new side to the members of #TeamArrow as well as a new set of villains. We have already seen a glimpse of what the seasons predominant villain, Damien Darhk, who seems to have this mystical telekinetic ability which somehow he was able to obtain using the power of the Lazarus waters from Nanda Parbat. Not only can he stop Arrows from being shot at him he can also bring death to people by just touching their chest.

Kinda feel like we’ve seen that somewhere before…

Damiens influence in Starling City will require the use of the entire squad of #TeamArrow, but there will be a few shortcomings from our favorite heros. For starters, there are a lot of trust issues. If we can remember from the last season where Oliver Queen almost became the heir to the League of Assassins, he needed to kidnap John Diggle’s wife Lyla in order to draw the team out to battle. Of course any man in this situation would find it hard to trust Oliver especially since he could not trust John with his ultimate master plan. Although he could ease up a little bit, after all she is safe.

But, moving on.

Neal McDonough is cashed as Damien Darhk in Arrow season 4.
Neal McDonough is cashed as Damien Darhk in Arrow season 4.

Darhk has access to a “Hive” of assassin’s, as Ra’s al Ghul had described before. Now for those who do not know “HIVE” in the comics was a large group of extremely dangerous villains, kinda similar to the Sinister Six although they are a much larger force. It will definitely take more than a few arrows to take down this group, maybe even a helping hand of the scarlet speedster from Starling Central. In the opening episode of the season, Oliver mentions this HIVE group to the team and Diggle has a flashback of when Deadshot told him it was HIVE who paid to have Diggle’s brother killed. However, John does not tell anyone so far that Deadshot has revealed this information to him. Once again… trust issues. Could this mean that John will go on a hunt for HIVE members this season? To be honest, it wouldn’t be safe, especially since their leader has some freaky abilities.

The other disadvantage they have is that Detective Lance is in fact working with Darhk himself. So not only will Darhk have a real time knowledge of what the Green Arrow is planning, but he will also have a direct contact to them as well.

Spoiler Alert!

Let’s just admit it. Someone important from the television series is going to die at the end, or possibly mid season. It is someone who Oliver deeply cares about, and we know this much because of that ending scene from episode 1, “Green Arrow”. We can narrow it down to Felicity or Thea, or it could be anyone from the entire squad of #TeamArrow. Be prepared for quite a dark ending to this season, because it won’t be all rainbows and roses like the times Oliver and Felicity were spending away from Starling City.

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