Arrow Season 4 – “Restoration” Recap

Arrow Season 4 – “Restoration” Recap


By Afolabi Thomas

In this weeks episode of Arrow, we will see a restoration of a relationship, and of a dead human being (kinda). For some time, John Diggle has been on the hunt for these HIVE members (“Ghosts”) to find answers on who ordered the kill on his brother. During his search, a member of A.R.G.U.S. stops by his house and gives him his first lead in over 2 years, Mina Fayad, who we can recall from the episode flashback of when Deadshot was given John’s brother as a target.

Jeremy Tell (Double Down)
Jeremy Tell (Double Down)

Throughout the episode we follow a bit of Fayad and her use to HIVE, which is not much since we see Damien Darhk has a meta-human Jeremy Tell, nicknamed “Double Down”, throw a playing card into her neck after she addresses him as “Damien” and not “Mr. Darhk”. That bit was kinda funny, at the same time very intense and intimidating because we got to see this telekinetic ability that he has. So much for looking for 2 years for leads, and then the minute you find one, it gets stabbed with a tattoo.

Across to the other side of the world in Nanda Parbat, Laurel and Thea visit the Malcolm Merlin to ask him to revive Sarah. After all it was Merlin who had Sarah killed using Thea as the arrow holder. But thats not all they were after. As we have seen from the begining of the season, Thea has been craving this blood lust, and the urges to kill have been increasing. Malcolm claims to know of a sage that mastered in the art of healing, and could help Thea with her problem . But just as you think he would act like a proper father and have a soft spot, we find out that it was just another ploy, and so he sent two of his mean to Thea’s room to fight her and then be killed by her. Pretty sick thing to do, but he is the leader of the League now and we can’t expect anything less from him.

After killing these men, Malcolm said that the need to kill will die down and she won’t have any urges. He also said he would help bring Sarah back to life, but warned that because she has been gone for so long, it is almost impossible to revive such a soul and impossible to know how Sarah will turn out after she comes out of the pit. Maybe should turn out to be some entity that pretends to be Sarah and then goes on a killing spree. It’s safe to say that Sarah will probably be a point of focus during this season.

Things we definitely need to see this season

  • Sarah’s transformation
  • The unfolding of Damien Darhk’s Phase 3: Genesis Plan
  • Possibly another hint of who’s grave it was Oliver was standing over in the 6 months foreshadowing scene in episode 1, “Green Arrow”
  • Here’s the preview for next weeks episode to give us an idea of what is to come.

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