BBC Debate: Andrew Neil puts George Osborne on lockdown in the EU Referendum debate

Veteran journalist Andrew Neil 'grilled' The Chancellor on the points raised in the 'Remain' campaign.

George Osborne was placed in the toughest corner a remain campaigner has ever been in. BBC’s Andrew Neil had laid out questions for the Chancellor on the comments made by Prime Minister, David Cameron about net migration and the state of the economy within the UK if Britain exited the EU.

At first there seemed to be some sort of comfort in Osborne’s rhetoric, but as the veteran broadcaster increased the temperature, and questioned Mr Osborne on the pensioners, the Chancellor started sweating (figuratively).

Mr Neil raised the issues on the campaign poster for pensioners, which pictured an empty open purse stating “What leaving Europe could cost the average pensioner”. He mentioned that state pension had been “subject to a triple lock since 2010, ensuring it rises each year by whatever is higher – inflation, average earnings or a minimum of 2.5 per cent.”*

The Chancellor claimed that inflation would rise due to Brexit. BBC
The Chancellor claimed that inflation would rise due to Brexit. BBC

Mr Osbourne, as a defensive move, went back to the common topic of Nigel Farage, and stated “Let’s be clear: This is a battle for the soul of this country. I do not want Nigel Farage’s vision of Britain. It is mean, it is divisive, it is not who we are as a country. ”

Mr Neil replied “If you wanted to talk about the Leave campaign, you should have agreed to debate them.”

It is clear to say, that this was a very poor attempt to reassure voters as to why voting to remain is best for Britain.

But that is not the case for Prime Minister David Cameron, as he tweeted nothing but praise to the efforts of Mr Osborne:

The public however, thought otherwise:

With just 2 weeks to go, there is more than enough time for either side to sway the voters.

*As stated by the Telegraph


  1. This was the best interview I had ever seen on BBC, completely straight to the point and genuine. Osborne is a liar and they are all not to be trusted and I and all my friends are voting to LEAVE!

  2. Boy oh Boy!!!! This chancellor is not fit to be in that position, he was torn apart and you should him close to tears. I am voting to leave.

  3. Brexit will be a landslide after this and no amount of rigging on the remain side will get them to the finish point. Osborne was a disgrace last night and a big liar. He should not be trusted.


  5. I am so clear now, I am voting for Brexit and the remain voters better start rethinking what kind of Britain they want.

  6. I agree with you because BBC is usually a very biased news site and I was in shock to see the true Chancellor, a completely incompetent one that should be fired. He has done so much harm to the remain and last night would have seen at least a huge chunk of the remain camp change their minds. He has no clue about the economy and he his a big liar too!

  7. I was worried about my state pension and had no clue but after hearing that the Chancellor misled the public with that pension advert I have no other choice than to vote out.

  8. They have tried every stunt under the sun and tried to bring mud to Farage and make us feel that Farage is Brexit. This is the most important decision anyone can make and if you love your country

  9. They are probably planning a big rig by now. There will be a landslide for BREXIT no matter the rigging that might occur.

  10. Osborne failed us yesterday, I am voting out. It was a shocking interview and also an eye opener, kudos to Andrew Neil. I will be surprised if he is not sacked.

  11. That Turkey issue was just my final draw that really show Cameron’s government cannot be trusted. I am voting out

  12. Was the chancellor on some medication last night, he should never have gone to this interview. He has lost all credibility and destroyed his government. I am voting Brexit.

  13. Birds of the same feather flock together. They are all crooks and should not be trusted. I am voting LEAVE.

  14. I saw the interview last night and it just revealed all the lies from this government. I am voting to leave and all my friends are too.

  15. This was the best interview so far on BBC. It was direct and to the point and really showed how unworthy Osborne is of that position he holds. We are being run by people with different agendas and people that truly hate Britain and would like to see it end. They are happy to give us away to the Germans totally ruling out what we all fought for. No wonder the veterans are now for leave side. This EU referendum will be a landslide even they attempt to rig it, Brexit will still win and then after heads will roll. Every postal vote should be investigated and traced to check it’s valid. Dodgy Dave and his friends will do anything to win but still WILL NOT WIN.

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