Beastie Boy wants gig on the moon

Beastie Boy wants gig on the moon


DJ Mix Master Mike wants to perform on the moon

Mix Master Mike has revealed he dreams of playing a gig on the moon.

The DJ has performed all over the world with the Beastie Boys but longs to spin his decks in outer space.

Mike said: “It may sound corny, but anything can be done.

“I’d like to scratch on the moon, a full-on, two-hour set. Then after the set, plant the flag and then come back.”

For now he’ll have to be content with performing in cyberspace as he is among musicians interacting with fans online at, where he invites people to send him guitar riffs, synthesizer tones or other clips, and he’ll videotape himself mixing them in on his turntables.

“It’s pushing the envelope. I can’t imagine back in the day being able to make music with my musical heroes, and this website gives fans the opportunity to make music with us,” he said.

After playing around 200 shows this year, Mix Master Mike says he might spend New Year’s Eve at home with his wife and daughter.

He has been sober 10 years after getting into alcohol and drugs when he was younger.

“When you’re in this business and people know you, it’s like, ‘Anything, at any time, as much as you want.’ You have to know when to cut that off,” he said.

“People ask me, ‘What’s your secret of staying in the game, staying relevant for 20 years now?’ It’s my sobriety. That’s what it is. I plan on doing this til I’m 60, 70, 80.”

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