Egg for brekkie ‘better than wheat for weight loss’

Having an egg for breakfast could help you lose weight, new research suggests.

The findings presented at the European Congress on Obesity suggest starting the day with egg protein, rather than the wheat in cereal, is more likely to keep hunger at bay.

Also at the congress, research was presented which indicates the size of a person’s waist is the best guideline for life expectancy.

New research recommends keeping stomach circumference under half of a person’s height.

The study found waist-to-height ratio is a better predictor of risks such as type 2 diabetes than body-mass index.

Head of actural science from Cass Business School Dr Ben Rickayzen said a person with a waist circumference equal to 80% of their height could risk shortening their lifespan by 20 years.

“I think anyone with a waist circumference that large should be thinking quite seriously about changing their lifestyle to bring the weight down,” he said.

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