Bobby Kennedy assassination photographer Harry Benson issues a warning against Trump

Bobby Kennedy assassination photographer Harry Benson issues a warning against Trump

Harry Benson

Glasgow-born photographer who watched his friend Robert Kennedy gunned down in the 1968 US presidential campaign fears Donald Trump’s rhetoric could lead to more politically-motivated shootings.

Harry Benson, whose pictures of a dying Bobby Kennedy are among the most memorable images of the last century, said the current Republican candidate may have put Democrat lives at risk.

Trump said “second amendment people” could find a way to stop Hillary Clinton introducing tougher gun laws, adding: “That will be a horrible day.”

Benson, who has covered US presidential campaigns for more than 50 years, said he has never seen a campaign as “crazy” as Trump versus Clinton.

A retrospective of his work, including his pictures of Robert and brother President John F Kennedy, who was also assassinated, has gone on display at the Scottish Parliament.

He told the Press Association: “I was friends with Bobby Kennedy and I followed him right through to his death.

“You can also see pictures of his wife Ethel in the exhibition. That was someone I knew, and still know, but you’ve got to do your job.

“I’m not there as a PR or part of their entourage. I’m there to record what I see and to inform.”

He added: “I’ve photographed Donald Trump for 40 years. I did ten pages of photos of Trump for Time magazine last week. He hasn’t changed.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never seen anything so crazy. There was a bit of decorum in the other elections but there is none in this.

“Trump saying ‘crooked Hillary’ has turned off a lot of the public. What he might have done is get other people shot, Clinton supporters or people with a Clinton badge.”

The retrospective includes photos of a young Hillary cosying up to husband Bill shortly before he received the Democrat nomination for president in 1992.

“I’ve followed Hillary over the years, and clever people who know what they are talking about say she is very competent,” he said.

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