Breaking: PM David Cameron resigns as conservative party leader

Breaking: PM David Cameron resigns as conservative party leader

By Afolabi Thomas

"The British people have voted to leave the European Union and their will must be respected," said Prime Minister David Cameron

“I fought to remain in the European Union with head, heart, and soul,” said PM David Cameron in his speech following a defeat for the remain campaign.

It was predicted that in the defeat of the remain campaign, the Prime Minister could not continue to campaign for the separation of Britain from the EU. At 8:05 this morning, it was confirmed that in the conservative elections in October, 2016, Mr Cameron will be resigning as Prime Minister.

After 15 months of wining the General Election of 2015, the Conservative party manifesto stated that there will be a fair referendum that will finally decide if Britain will remain or leave the European Union.

“I held nothing back. I was absolutely clear about my belief that Britain is stronger, safer, and better off inside the European Union.”

“The country requires fresh leadership” in order to take it to the right direction. This is the aftermath that was expected if the ‘Brexit’ vote was to be victorious. It just seems that the British public was not interested in all the ‘experts’ that claimed that a possible ‘Armageddon’ was going to happen had there been a brexit win, and we have yet to see that.

However, it is not just the standing of the Prime Minister that should raise concern, but also the survival of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who once a Eurosceptic turned to the side of remain, and failed to convince the majority of Labour voters.

We still have yet to see if he will continue leading the remain as leader.

“Clearly there are some very difficult days ahead,” he said, adding that “there will be job consequences as a result of this decision”.

EU Referendum results map (center).
EU Referendum results map (center).

At the moment the only jobs that are starting to have consequences in this short-term, are those of the party leaders supporting the remain side.

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Many expect that after this decision, Boris Johnson or Theresa May could be the next Prime Minister, although many seem to lead towards Johnson.

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