Brexit – The Final Frontier


By Deborah Thomas

What a journey the Brexit process has been for the United Kingdom with majority of our political class going completely bunkers. Brexit has completely divided the country and split families including our Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself. Whichever way you look at it, Boris Johnson deserves some credit for getting the European Union to open the deal that was previously sealed and getting a Brexit deal. The naysayers said the European Union will never move and they did. Some are saying they reopened the deal because they had enough of us and wanted us gone, which is completely untrue as so many of the the EU leaders say they are sad to see the U.K. leave the union.

The newspapers point to everyone in parliament to take the new deal proposed by Boris Johnson

Mrs May could have succeeded if she carried people along and stood on a firm ground with the EU as Boris Johnson did. The problem is that the politicians refused to listen to the country, the real people that mattered.

The British Parliament became a spectacle to the world and politicians descended to their lowest ever behaving like children running riot on a playground. They had no other agenda than Brexit and the entire country watched on in disgust and now the country is fed up. These Brexit chaos for the last 3 years has caused so much uncertainties in business that majority of the UK businesses are struggling with planning ahead becoming impossible. The poverty is rising and knife crime gone off the roof. We cannot keep getting all the endless extensions that bring about nothing but more arguments and divisions.

Anti-Brexit campaigners drove effigies of Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and David Davis past the House of Commons

It is now very obvious that our MPs just want to serve themselves and force their will upon the people. These politicians forget that day of judgement is fast approaching where the British public will have the pleasure of voting each and everyone of them out. They need to think again about their plans for next Brexit Showdown which will lead to Boris Johnson calling an election. This is a time for all the politicians to take a step back and think of how they might redeem themselves now and salvage their seats. Further showdown will bring more uncertainties to our nation, and their constituents will definitely not vote them back into parliament as the country has now had enough.

Now Boris Johnson has a deal that the European Union is happy with but of course the opposition parties Labour, Liberal Democrats, SNP and the DUP are not happy with. As bizarre as it gets they said they will not support the deal before the Deal was even done.

We have to ask ourselves these questions:

  1. Do we want to keep asking the EU endless extensions that bears no fruit?

  2. Do we just want have another referendum which would imply the last Leave voters did not know what they wanted and the super Remainers are more intelligent?

  3. Do we want to revoke article 50 and totally cancel Brexit as the Liberal Democrats want, disrespecting all the British voters that took time to vote in largest numbers we have seen in decades?

All the above questions would not only undermine our political process in the country but totally destroy all trust in politicians that have signed up to serving their constituents, the ‘Boss’.

Whichever way we look at this, there has to be a compromise, we are a European country and will always be no matter how many referendums we have. Now it is time to compromise as life is a compromise. These negotiations, deal or no deal, Brexit or Remain will always polarise our nation and as such we have to compromise.

This is a time all our politicians really need to think very carefully about their decisions, remember the people are the true bosses and they might not return to parliament after the elections which will eventually happen.

The conversation continues:

Will there be Brexit Showdown or not? The British public watch on to see where this Brexit ship takes us.

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