Britain unveils proposals to allow trade to continue with Europe post-Brexit

Britain unveils proposals to allow trade to continue with Europe post-Brexit

Dave Davis

Britain has set out proposals to ensure that trade in goods and services can continue with Europe after the point at which the UK leaves the European Union.

A position paper published by Brexit Secretary David Davis called for goods already on the market to be allowed to remain on sale in the UK and EU without additional requirements or restrictions following Brexit. And it said any agreement should allow oversight arrangements to remain in place, permitting action to be taken against unsafe or non-compliant goods to preserve patient safety and consumer protection.

A second paper recommended a reciprocal agreement to ensure continued confidentiality for official documents shared by Britain with its EU partners while it was a member state. The publications come ahead of the third round of formal Brexit talks in Brussels next week, and are due to be followed in the coming days by papers setting out the UK’s position on civil judicial co-operation, enforcement and dispute resolution and data protection.

Mr Davis said: “These papers will help give businesses and consumers certainty and confidence in the UK’s status as an economic powerhouse after we have left the EU. “They also show that as we enter the third round of negotiations, it is clear that our separation from the EU and future relationship are inextricably linked.

“We have already begun to set out what we would like to see from a future relationship on issues such as customs and are ready to begin a formal dialogue on this and other issues.”



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