Call for talks as Trump warns N.K. military solutions ’locked and loaded’

Call for talks as Trump warns N.K. military solutions ’locked and loaded’

Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn

President Donald Trump has warned of military action “should North Korea act unwisely”. President Trump tweeted: “Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path.”

North Korea has announced a detailed plan to launch a salvo of ballistic missiles toward the US Pacific territory of Guam, a major military hub and home to US bombers. If carried out, it would be its most provocative missile launch to date.

President Trump said this week that the US would unleash “fire and fury” on North Korea if it continued with its threats. Reacting to the deepening impasse the US defence secretary said America going to war with North Korea would be ’catastrophic’.

James Mattis insisted Washington wants to resolve the crisis with Pyongyang diplomatically.
timg]NorthKoreaMissile16April17_large.jpg[/timg] Meanwhile, the British Labour leader says the UK has a role to play in bringing the US and North Korea, as he puts it, “back from the brink”.

Mr Corbyn’s has called on the British government to urge Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un to speak to one another. The Labour leader, a long time anti-war campaigner, said the result of a nuclear strike would go on for decades, adding: “I ask them both, calm down.

“There are phone calls that could be made, there’s discussions that could be held. “Surely in the interests of sanity and safety over the whole world, do it.” Mr Corbyn said Britain and other nations with nuclear weapons also had a role to play in reducing the tensions.

“All the five declared nuclear weapons states, which includes the United States, Russia and China, as well as Britain and France, need to get on board on this to bring North Korea back from the brink, bring Donald Trump back from the brink, and support the NPT (the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons) and support the UN’s efforts to make nuclear weapons illegal worldwide,” he said.

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