Cool Off With Summer Yoga

Cool Off With Summer Yoga


Summer Yoga has to be quieting, calming and cooling! We sure need some relaxing exercises to help us deal with the changing cycles of nature in sweltering warm months. By practicing specific yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, you can reduce excess heat on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. During summer months with warm climes, we commonly face issues as- excess activity, indigestion, burning eyes, skin rashes, diarrhoea, inflammation, irritability and fiery disposition. Yoga can be practiced at any age, so working professionals, or stay-at-home moms you can practice these simple yoga activities with your kids this summer. Step onto your mat this season to stay balanced, happy, and cool as a cucumber salad with refreshing and revitalizing practices. 

Beat the Heat

Yoga poses during summers give a calming wave through the nervous system besides supporting the body’s attempts to normalise and find equilibrium. Also poses that are practiced closer to the ground are favourable in warm weather, as the earth provides coolness, firmness and a grounded feeling. With yoga one can learn to enjoy body, breath, and movement for a revitalizing result. Practice these restorative yoga poses for a cool, summer body.

1. Forward Bends: Forward fold poses cool the body, reduces stress, uneasiness, stimulates the liver/ kidneys, improves digestion, and sends invigorating energy to the brain. Your must-do postures would be Bound Angle, Child’s pose and any wide-leg forward fold, which makes your inner thighs work.

2. Spine Twists: Seated or horizontal spinal twists stimulate the internal organs, digestive systems, resulting in flushing out excess heat and stress from the internal organs as abdomen, intestines, and liver.

3. Supported Inversions: Try legs up the wall, it calms the dynamic mind and fuels the nervous system, generating feelings of calmness, balance, and comfort.

4. Backbends: Try Cobra pose or a moderate Fish pose, these postures maintain healthy thyroid gland function, which keeps the internal body temperature and metabolism normal.

5. Focus on smooth and fluid breath with a whole exhale to calm the body-mind. Long exhale brings ahead the body’s natural relaxation response, soothing and restoring the nervous system. Forceful breathing may overheat the body. 

6. Lie down on your belly, at the end of your practice, this is to unwind and allow the body and core to connect to the earth, cooling mind-body, besides removing tension in the abdomen.

7. Avoid practising directly under sunlight and avoid straining or active practices. Pace yourself to purify the internal heat.

Everyday Practices

Yoga Expert Mansi Mahajan gives us the perfect poses to get summer ready!
Mansi says, ‘These practices not just work at a physical plane to tone the body but that help aid digestion and promote a sense of well-being by keeping the digestive organs healthy.

A. Triangle and Revolved Triangle: These two poses replicate the triangle’s innate stability, a geometric form that embodies support, balance and strength. Because of the intense twist, the postures aid in digestion by detoxifying and toning the abdominal organs.

B. Bridge Pose: This posture helps to improve digestion by stretching the abdominals and the digestive track. It creates expansiveness in the lungs, helps stimulates the thyroid, energising the entire body and calming the mind. 

C. Camel Pose: This back bend stimulates endocrine glands, kidneys and the digestive system by stretching the abdomen. It also improves blood circulation and activates the thyroid gland.

Sage’s Twist: A seated spinal twist, this asana gives a deep yet gentle twist to the gastrointestinal tract, releasing the metabolic energy of digestion called ‘agni’ which helps in eliminating the body wastes and toning the upper body.

Three Legged Dog – This asana creates deep strengthening in the entire body, especially toning the arms, abdominals, glutes and legs. It also energizes and rejuvenates the nervous system.



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