Deborahs Digest Dog Rescue Launched


London Glossy in collaboration with DeborahsDigest are launching a dog rescue campaign this autumn. Being passionate dog lovers, it is heartbreaking to learn that so many buy dogs are just bought for short periods and then abandoned when they owners get tired of looking after them.

Upon visiting several dog pounds including Battersea dogs home we saw many dogs rescued and yearning for loving homes. Teaming up with the DeborahsDigest’s we are putting out notices and campaigning to get dogs properly placed with in homes and raise funds to support the people struggling to keep these dogs.

Getting a dog is a huge commitment, one that should not be taken lightly and as such you must be ready for all that goes with taking care of the dog like health check, vaccinations, walks and most of all lots of love.

Remember a dog is not just a man or woman’s best friend but for ‘Life’
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