Driver charged over model passenger

Driver charged over model passenger


A man had a doll in the passenger seat of his car so he could use the high occupancy lane

Police in the Seattle area pulling over high occupancy lane (HOV) transgressors – people driving alone in a lane intended for vehicles with two or more occupants – noticed an “odd” passenger in a car.

Diego was a model passenger, sitting quietly with seat belt buckled, never fidgeting. But it was the huge, unblinking eyes that made a Washington police officer suspicious.

An officer stopped the car and found the driver had placed a stuffed Diego doll from the Nickelodeon children’s show Go, Diego, Go! in the front passenger seat.

The unidentified driver said he was late for work, so he drove off with his daughter’s doll so he could use the HOV lane.

He was charged over the incident.

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