”Er, er, er…great, it was just great’: Sacked Northern Ireland Secretary Julian Smith to spend time at the pub


Sacked Northern Ireland Secretary Julian Smith has said he plans to go to the pub after losing his job.

On Thursday, Mr Smith was replaced by Brandon Lewis as part of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s reshuffle.

Speaking to Sky News on Friday, Mr Smith said he wished his successor the best of luck in the role.

“I think my future plans are things like going to the pub,” said the MP.

“I’m now going to my constituency but I wish the new Cabinet, new Secretary of State, all the best of luck.”

Having spoken to journalists, he told those assembled: “Hope you don’t get too cold.”

Mr Smith also tweeted about the remarks of a pupil during a visit to a school in his constituency on Friday.

He said that the pupil had asked him if he knew Boris Johnson, responding that he did.

Having then been asked when he last met the Prime Minister and telling the child he had met Mr Johnson on Thursday, the pupil asked: “Really! How was it?”

Mr Smith, having been sacked from his Cabinet role on Thursday, said he told the pupil: “Er, er, er… great, it was just great.”


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