First trailer for Angelina Jolie’s Khmer Rouge film released

First trailer for Angelina Jolie’s Khmer Rouge film released


Netflix has released the first trailer for Angelina Jolie’s film about the Khmer Rouge regime.
First They Killed My Father is adapted from a memoir by activist and lecturer Loung Ung, which tells of her survival under former Cambodian leader Pol Pot.

Directed by Jolie, the film starts in the 70s when Ung was a child living a normal family life.
It chronicles her life as she struggles to survive the genocide and escape the regime.

The film has been at the centre of controversy after a Vanity Fair profile of Jolie described a scene in which casting directors attempting to find a child actress to play the lead role presented money to impoverished children, only to take it away from them as an acting exercise.

The method was criticised as exploitative, but Jolie later said the account was “false and upsetting”.
“I am upset that a pretend exercise in an improvisation, from an actual scene in the film, has been written about as if it was a real scenario,” she said.

“The suggestion that real money was taken from a child during an audition is false and upsetting.
“I would be outraged myself if this had happened.”

Mother-of-six Jolie said parents, guardians and doctors were on the set every day to care for the children and “make sure that no one was in any way hurt by participating in the recreation of such a painful part of their country’s history”.

First They Killed My Father will debut on Netflix after being shown at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.



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