Get ready to feel nostalgic – Kodak is bringing back traditional camera...

Get ready to feel nostalgic – Kodak is bringing back traditional camera film


Camera giant Kodak is to reintroduce sales of traditional photo film after an unexpected spike in demand.
Kodak ended the production and sale of its high-end Ektachrome film almost five years ago, but the company has now confirmed it will be back on shelves this year.

A favourite among industry and camera experts, Ektachrome will be made available for both still photo and motion picture applications, the firm said.

It comes after a rise in sales of Kodak professional film of more than 5% since 2013 and mirrors the surprise boost in sales of vinyl records, which hit their own 25-year high in 2016.

Both are trends that have been attributed by some to the rise of hipsters and their love of retro products.
Kodak’s Steven Overman said it was a “privilege” to reintroduce the film.

“We are seeing a broad resurgence of excitement about capturing images on film. Kodak is committed to continuing to manufacture film as an irreplaceable medium for image creators to capture their artistic vision. We are proud to help bring back this classic,” he said.

Kodak says it expects to have its initial batch of film ready for sale by the fourth quarter of 2017.

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