Helen Mirren 'going with the flow'

Helen Mirren 'going with the flow'


Helen Mirren doesn't believe that she will always be offered roles

Helen Mirren believes that the roles will one day dry up.

The Oscar-winner, married to director Taylor Hackford, said women no longer consigned themselves to old age.

But she said: “I keep saying to my husband, ‘It’s all going to stop very soon, you know, Taylor’. It will inevitably. But you know, while it’s not stopping, I’m happy to go along with the flow.”

The Queen actress said: “The perception of being older is changing.

“It’s a lot to do with the fact that the so-called baby boomers are coming into that age, and they’re refusing to let go of life, or you know, they’re refusing to let go of being in the centre of life. …

“They will not step aside. We’ll have to eventually, because we’ll be too old not to. But people used to consign themselves to old age quite early, and I think people don’t do that anymore.”

The 65-year-old stars in a new film adaptation of The Tempest playing sorceress Prospera rather than the traditionally male Prospero of Shakespeare’s play.

She then steps into John Gielgud’s shoes in next year’s remake of Arthur, playing the tough old nanny and substitute parent to a rich, drunken, womanising man-child.

Her Holocaust-vengeance tale The Debt features what the actress calls her “geriatric fight,” a close-quarters death match with an old man in a nursing home, defying Hollywood convention that action roles are for the young.

She recently starred as a brothel owner in Love Ranch, directed by her husband.

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