Majorettes Compatrum from Frascati, Italy, parade through central London during the New Year's Day Parade

Hundreds of thousands of people have lined the streets of London to watch musicians, cheerleaders and performers from all over the world strutting their stuff.

Organisers were expecting 500,000 to turn out for the capital’s 25th New Year’s Day Parade.

The target was easily exceeded, as crowds 20-deep lined both sides of the road to watch musicians, dancers, cheerleaders, clowns and even puppeteers frolic along the 2.2-mile (3.5km) route from The Ritz to Parliament.

The lively event, which included more than 10,000 performers, was televised worldwide.

More than 600 stations were fed live pictures.

Next year’s event will be the first in the Cultural Olympiad.

Executive director of the parade Bob Bone said: “It was the biggest and best parade in our history. It has truly come of age.”


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