Hugh Jackman injures eye in stunt

Hugh Jackman injures eye in stunt


Hugh Jackman injured his eye during the stunt

Hugh Jackman hurt his eye during a stunt for an special episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show broadcast from Sydney.

The Wolverine actor hurt his eye while abseiling from the top of the Opera House on to the stage.

The Australian hit the brakes too late, and smacked his face on a lighting rig. Taping was briefly suspended while he was examined by paramedics and given a glass of red wine to sip, before getting the all-clear.

“That was so much fun until the end,” he joked.

Fellow Aussie Russell Crowe also appeared on the show, which is being broadcast from Down Under after Oprah took 6,000 guests with her on the trip.

“You’re so darn friendly, you must go to friendly class!” she told the crowd, who were randomly selected from a pool of 350,000 hopefuls.

Russell, who gave a nod to the surrounding sun-dappled harbor and said: “When you live in a city like this, it’s not that hard to be friendly.”

Hip hop artist Jay-Z also came along, and stopped by a local boys’ school after one of their teachers wrote to Oprah to tell her how much the students loved the rapper.

The family of the late Steve Irwin also made an emotional appearance on the programme. Daughter Bindi walked on stage with a python named Olivia draped around her shoulders, while seven-year-old Robert Irwin told Oprah he watches videos of his father – who was killed by a stingray barb in 2006 – every day.

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