Inmate exposes prison 'failures'

Inmate exposes prison 'failures'


A convict has exposed a series of damning prison failures by using a mobile phone

A convict has exposed a series of damning prison failures by chronicling life behind bars on a secret mobile phone for several weeks.

Michael Long used the smuggled mobile to record drugs flowing into Oxfordshire’s Bullingdon prison, lax security and a lack of training and rehabilitation for prisoners due for release.

Long, who is serving four years for stealing top of the range Bentley cars, filmed security breaches and drugs being thrown over the prison wall in broad daylight, for Sky News.

In the special report, Long arranged a rendezvous between Sky reporters and an unsupervised prisoner left in the prison car park. Sky handed over a pouch of tobacco and some tanning cream to the prisoner.

A few hours later, Long sent back pictures of the items from inside his cell.

Long also filmed drugs being thrown into the prison.

The package has strings attached which inmates used to reel it in through a window. When opened, the footage shows it contains a variety of illegal drugs.

Long claims he bought the phone from a corrupt warden and alleges officials are cashing in on prisoners’ needs.

He tells Sky: “Then they come up to you and approach you. Take advantage of you and offer you a phone for £500.”

A Prison Service spokesman said: “The Prison Service has a rigorous strategy to minimise the number of mobile phones entering prisons, find phones that are smuggled in and disrupt those phones that cannot be found. Measures have been taken to disrupt the supply of contraband into prisons, including the installation of wire netting to prevent items being thrown over walls and the sealing of windows to prevent prisoners ‘fishing’ for packages.”

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