Julia Roberts million dollar smile

Julia Roberts million dollar smile


Julia Roberts has starred in a coffee ad that plays on her trademark smile

Julia Roberts has earned a reported 1.5 million dollars for a new coffee advert in which she doesn’t even speak.

The Hollywood beauty appears dressed as Botticelli’s Venus in the 45 second Italian coffee advert for Lavazza, posing to have her portrait painted as the artist tries to persuades her to smile.

Julia, who filmed the commercial in Rome two weeks ago, is given a cup of coffee and after one sip breaks out into a huge, beaming smile, delighting the artists, played by Italian entertainers, Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti, The Hollywood Reporter reveals.

At the end of the ad the 43-year-old Oscar-winner laughs and then winks at the camera

The Pretty Woman enjoyed spending time in Rome while shooting of her last film Eat Pray Love.

She revealed while promoting the movie that she gained 10 pounds during filming in Rome, where she underwent “Olympic carbo loading” enjoying plenty of pizza.

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