Key to Christmas happiness unveiled

Key to Christmas happiness unveiled


A maths expert has come up with a formula to ensure a happy Christmas

Three weeks off work, 7,000 calories, 15cm of snow and no more than 10 hours shopping are the perfect ingredients for a happy Christmas, according to one expert.

Chris Green, a mathematics teacher, compiled the formula for Oxfam to promote the charity’s Oxfam Unwrapped scheme which supports poor communities around the world.

He said: “We conducted research into some of the key factors that people associate with Christmas and calculated optimum scores for each factor.

“The good news is that most factors that impact on Christmas happiness are well within our control. Also, despite a lot of people thinking that Christmas is overly materialistic these days, as the formula shows, these types of things aren’t that significant.”

Rick Lay, Oxfam Unwrapped campaign manager, said: “Christmas is the busiest time for Oxfam Unwrapped.

“Around 80% of the money we raise is given over the festive period, so we were really keen to find out what makes people happy at this time of year; what makes a perfect Christmas.

“It’s great to see that ultimately, happiness at Christmas comes down to quite simple things, such as enjoying time off work to spend with friends and family.”

Mr Lay added: “With the act of giving gifts topping the happiness factors, we hope that it will make people realise that Christmas is a time they can make a real difference to the happiness of others.”

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