Kim Kardashian: All work, no play

Kim Kardashian: All work, no play


Kim Kardashian is embracing her hectic work schedule

Kim Kardashian insists her life right now is just “work, work, work”.

Photographers crammed onto the street outside of The Whisper Lounge in Hollywood, as the 30-year-old socialite launched her signature watch collection with the Brissmor Company.

“Everything I do I make sure I’m involved,” Kim said of her new high-end accessory.

“I think that hard work really pays off, me and my sisters really pride ourselves that we do work hard,” the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star insisted.

“I think people probably assume we live our life on a reality show, it’s just fun and easy and that’s it, but it’s a lot of hard work and there’s a lot more to it than just cameras following you all day.”

She went on: “There’s so many other projects that I’m working on when the cameras go down, it’s just fun that we all work together and hard work pays off.”

As well as her fashion label, shoe line, perfume, jewellery and fake tan range, the budding-entrepreneur insisted she’s got more to come.

“It’s kind of just the beginning, there are so many other things that we have in store so I’m excited,” she said.

Kim said creating her own time piece had felt like a guilty pleasure. “I love watches, I wear them all the time, and I have the craziest watch collection,” she admitted. “I feel like I have my clothing line and so many other things that I wanted a really cool accessory.”

She also revealed her love of all things designer started at an early age. “I think I’ve always had an interest in fashion, starting really young when my sister made me play games like Donna Karan – I was her assistant and she was Donna Karan!” she laughed.

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