Kim Kardashian’s ‘belfies’ will make you care about the news

Kim Kardashian’s ‘belfies’ will make you care about the news


A new website titled The Big Ass News has slapped (sorry) important news headlines across photos of Kim Kardashian’s arse to get people to read them. Sounds legit?

Site co-creator Carl Larsson wrote in an e-mail to Newsweek: “Kim Kardashian’s ass gets more attention than important world issues. So we wanted to use that ‘huge platform’ that Kim Kardashian has in the media to spread awareness for news”.

The site instructs users to “click” on the headlines to read more about the story. Headlines this morning include: “Yazidi fighters accused of reprisal attacks in Iraq”; “More than 6000 killed in Ukraine”; and “Hope for democracy in Nigeria”.

The site is meant to be a satirical look at the current celebrity culture obsession and aims to awaken the general public to the real world… if the images aren’t too distracting that is.



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