Lethal Bizzle wants to host Top Gear: ‘I have more bants than...

Lethal Bizzle wants to host Top Gear: ‘I have more bants than Chris Evans’


Lethal Bizzle has said he wants to host Top Gear because he can offer more “bants” than Chris Evans.

The rapper, who famously loves fast cars, claimed he had actually been approached to present the show – but didn’t go to his audition.

Now he hopes for a second chance after Chris stepped down as Top Gear host amidst disappointing ratings.

Lethal Bizzle told the Daily Star: “They did contact me and asked me to try out for the gig but I thought they wouldn’t take me seriously.

“I should have gone to the audition but I didn’t and after that they gave Chris the job.

“Now ratings keep going down I may be in luck. I have more bants than Chris does anyway.”

The Fester Skank rapper has also given a damning verdict on the rebooted Top Gear, where Chris and presenters including Matt LeBlanc replaced previous hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

“No one really likes change, I think they did an OK job but I would have been an better presenter than Chris Evans,” he said.

“I get that they have revamped it but I am still very supportive of Clarkson and the lads.

“The show did need a transformation though, but I’m not sure it worked. The first few episodes you could really tell Chris wasn’t used to it, the thing is you have got to have bants – it’s a car show but it needs bants.

“He just needed to get the balance right, he was too shout-y, it was a bit weird.”

The 31-year-old said the motoring show faced a “generation” problem.

“For you to relate to a younger audience you need people who they respect and can relate to,” he explained.

“It’s a well known fact that I’m a big fan of cars. I’ll bring a total different energy to the show. If I keep making noise about it you never know.”

After Chris resigned, leaving the show after just one series, the BBC said that the plan was to “continue with no changes to the current line-up”, with production set to begin in September.

The presenting line-up includes Friends star Matt, racing driver Sabine Schmitz, Formula One presenter Eddie Jordan, YouTube star Chris Harris, car enthusiast Rory Reid and The Stig.

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