LG’s rollable TV is the pick of the futuristic displays at CES

LG’s rollable TV is the pick of the futuristic displays at CES


As homes become smarter, the devices within them need to become more agile – and arguably no gadget at CES this year does that better than LG’s new concept 4K rollable screen.
The 65-inch display is exactly the same as the Korean firm’s other top of the line OLED display, except that it can roll itself up like a newspaper inside its display box.

With a press of the button the screen emerges from its minimal storage centre, fully rolling out in a matter a seconds.
Another press of the button and away it goes.
LG have done flexible displays before – but not to this size or resolution – which makes it a remarkable feat.
There are a couple of other nice touches to the rollable screen too, including a range of different viewing settings.
It can sink down when the content on screen is in a narrower aspect ratio so viewers can enjoy what they’re watching without any black space, while another setting drops the screen even lower, leaving only a thin wide strip that displays smart home information, including music streaming controls.
It remains just a concept for now, but it shows plenty of promise.

The Wall is Samsung’s show-stopping reveal

Agility is clearly a running theme among the TV giants this year – Samsung’s own wow-factor CES TV reveal was The Wall, a huge 146-inch display that is modular.
This means the display can be customised to a size specification that suits the user.

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