Lord King talks about Brexit (not such a sticky wicket)

Lord King talks about Brexit (not such a sticky wicket)

Former Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King

Mervyn King appeared on Daily Politics today talking about “Brexit” and its affects on the economy, but also to talk about adding extracurricular activities in state schools.

Lately, some sports have become more “elitist”, where only those who grow up in such private schooling would be able to play. Some of these sports can include equestrian, tennis, fencing and also cricket. Lord King wanted state school children today to have the opportunity that he had when growing up, and that was to playing cricket.

In his “Chance to Shine” organisation, Lord King campaigned to bring cricket back to state schools and has so far reached over 2 million children who have learnt how to play the sport.

He was the Bank of England Governor back when interest rates were cut before at 0.5%.

BBC interviewer Andrew Niel asked Lord King if it is fair to say that given the economy seems to have been slowing down, will we go through a ‘slow down’?

“We do not know how serious that will be,” he said.

He then followed on saying the “hysteria from the political class … and the media” has to stop. A continuous trend within the “Project Fear” campaign included mass influence from MPs and various media outlets, which does not solve the current problem but sparks more conflict within an already decision-split country.

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