Lynch sees Cowell in her alter-ego

Lynch sees Cowell in her alter-ego


Jane Lynch reckons Simon Cowell can teach her character Sue Sylvester a thing or two

Jane Lynch has said her Glee character Sue Sylvester is inspired by X Factor judge Simon Cowell.

The actress told The Sun that she thinks her alter-ego, famous for her cutting put-downs, would make a great panellist on the TV talent show.

She said: “I think Sue Sylvester has British in her. I think the US look at the British as a race that tells it how it is.

“And if ever there was a guy who tells it like it is, then it’s Simon Cowell. You could definitely look at Sue and say there’s a lot of Simon in her.

“He’s a great inspiration for the character of Sue – there is a lot that I can take from him and put into her.”

Jane won the best supporting TV actress gong at the Golden Globes on Sunday for her role as the ultra-competitive tracksuit-wearing cheerleading coach.

She told the newspaper: “I think she’d be fantastic (as an X Factor judge) – and there would be a few contestants reduced to tears.

“It can never happen, though. Simon and Sue on the same judging panel will never work in a million years – there’s only room for one ego on the show!”

The Britney Spears episode of Glee on Monday was watched by two million viewers on E4, The Sun said.



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