Emmanuel Macron meets with police over violence in Paris

Emmanuel Macron meets with police over violence in Paris

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President Emmanuel Macron with the Police

France’s President Emmanuel Macron has met with some national police units to show his support after Paris became a theatre of violence and destruction during a weekend protest.

The Elysee presidential palace said Mr Macron had a “long exchange” over lunch in a police station in eastern Paris on Monday with members of the CRS police units that maintain public order and police officers that control demonstrations.

The Elysee said the French leader also wanted to understand how they are coping and the difficulties they faced in handling one of the nation’s worst episodes of unrest in recent times.

The Paris police chief has said officers had physical confrontations with demonstrators using hammers, gardening tools, bolts, aerosol cans and rocks.

Saturday’s demonstration against increased taxes and living costs devolved into France’s worst urban riot in a decade.

More than 130 people were injured, including 23 police officers, and 412 people were arrested.

Earlier, French prime minister Edouard Philippe held talks with representatives of major political parties in the wake of violent anti-government protests that have rocked Paris.