Pub chain Wetherspoon issue beer mats slamming ‘guff’ of UK’s Remain campaign

Pub chain Wetherspoon issue beer mats slamming ‘guff’ of UK’s Remain campaign


Pub company JD Wetherspoon has printed a new beer mat with strong messages in favour of leaving the EU.

Half a million have been printed for the firm’s 920 pubs in the final days of campaigning.

The new beer mat has a message on both sides, signed by Wetherspoon founder and chairman Tim Martin, and is titled “Cronyism is bad for Britain – a few questions for George Osborne”.

It reads: “Dear Mr Osborne, You say that you won the economic argument. Many strongly disagree.

“Democracy leads to prosperity and freedom – and the EU is increasingly undemocratic, with awful results in Greece, Spain and Portugal and 15 years’ stagnation in Italy.

“Our European friends are being dragged down by Brussels’ bureaucracy.”

Mr Martin said: “Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne have tried to fool the public using scare stories from cronies or subordinates.

“Their main economic case relies on these people and their views are not independent or believable.

“Cameron yet again deliberately uses images of fear and destruction.

“He is under-estimating the intelligence of the public, who will not swallow this guff.”

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Jun 20, 2016 10:33 am

He has balls, let’s go UK vote Brexit with all your hearts

Jun 20, 2016 10:35 am

The truth is just about to open up. They are EU fat cats and we all need a landslide to win. This is a failing destructive Union.

Jun 20, 2016 10:39 am

The small businesses are folding up everyday and all these elite are just spending lavishly in their expensive luxury homes and it’s time for us to let them know that enough is enough. Dodgy Dave is not fit to lead this country, he practically hates his country and I look at my neighborhoods in Wales and there is a lot hardship brewing and these politicians do not care about the population. The my nan and all her friends in the old people’s home are voting Brexit.