Russell Brand speaks about ongoing battle with drug and sex addiction

Russell Brand speaks about ongoing battle with drug and sex addiction


Russell Brand has said his drug addiction is “still echoing around in my mad mind”.
The comedian, who is recovering from a highly publicised battle with substances, has penned a book about his experiences. He told The Jonathan Ross Show: “The drug problem, I’m still recovering from it, aren’t I?

“It’s still echoing around in my mad mind. Then there’s the old [whistles] problem, the craving, the lust,” he said, referring to his struggle with sex addiction. He added: “I have used my life as a sort of greedy experiment, gorging myself on all manner of phenomena.

“There were some brilliant bits, of course there were, some of the bits were really, really brilliant.
“But mostly, what I discovered, nothing has made me feel as good as the kind of connection that I find with people.

“I can be a bit of a self-centred show-off and narcissistic, but when I feel connected to people, when I listen to other people… when I’m of service to other people, I feel a different type of connection that has more value.”

Brand, who recently got married to wife Laura and became a father to daughter Mabel, said: “I like it better. We’ve all got the same name – me, my wife and my baby. It’s good. We have a tribal identity. I’m really, really enjoying it.”

He was present for Mabel’s birth and now wants to extend the family further, saying: “No one tells you what goes on on the front line of that. It tore a hole in reality, forgive the analogy, but everything seemed so different. How can everything change so immediately?

“I felt something turn on in my stomach, everything different from that moment. I want to do it again and again and again. I just want to have more and more babies!” He continued: “I think it would have been difficult to be a father while wrapped up in solipsism, narcissism, endless showing off, that would have been difficult, because now I’m finally ready.

“(Parenthood) demands of you, I am discovering, you can’t be as self-centred as you might naturally like to be because of that little tornado of shouting and screaming and chest hair grabbing. “Her first word was ‘Ow’ because she thinks ‘Ow’ is a word because she grabs my chest hair all the time and I say ‘Ow’. She says it back to me as if it’s communication, rather than just pain.

“Becoming a father, it woke me up to truths that were really inaccessible before it. It’s wonderful to see someone else’s will, someone else’s explosive nature.” The Jonathan Ross Show is on ITV at 9.30pm on Saturday.

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