Samsung teases rumoured foldable phone with curved logo image

Samsung teases rumoured foldable phone with curved logo image


Samsung has fuelled rumours it is to unveil a foldable-screen smartphone later this week by posting an image of its own logo folding in half to social media. The South Korean technology giant posted the image to its Facebook page, and briefly changed the profile picture of the official Samsung Mobile Twitter account to the same image.

At its developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, Samsung is widely expected to debut its foldable device. The phone is expected to feature a tablet-sized display that then folds down into a smartphone-like experience.

US start-up the Royole Corporation unveiled its own foldable smartphone last week, called the FlexPai, while Huawei is among other firms said to be developing flexible display technology for a mobile device, with 2019 likely to see a flurry of such devices introduced.

Industry analysts have suggested the smartphone market is reaching a critical stage with sales slowing as it reaches saturation point – making a radical new technology such as flexible and foldable displays a possible avenue for reinvigorating interest in smartphones among consumers.

The technology behind folding displays is not new – companies have been demonstrating prototype gadgets at trade shows for some years – but real-world interest is only just beginning to take hold, with Samsung Mobile boss DJ Koh saying in September it was “time to deliver” such a device.