Sensational Sandwiches

Sensational Sandwiches


It is British Sandwich week and we can’t be more delighted with the humble sandwich! It is the celebration of the greatest food to go with the most iconic and most well-known British culinary invention which is the sandwich. 
Folks, would you like the newest recipes to make your lunches more exciting? We have some sandwich ideas that’ll really help you up your lunch time game. It is only right that you indulge in sandwich recipes this week which are delicious, easy to make and taste out of the world. Here’s how you can liven up your meal and tiffin times. 
Puneet Jain, Corporate Chef, buéno gives us two delicious sandwich recipes to make our days flavourful, fulfilling and fun.

Lebanese Falafel Sandwich

Lebanese Falafel Sandwich

Chickpea falafel:

– Chickpea

– Mint 

- Parsley 
- scallion     

- Garlic

– Secret spices   

– Iceberg

– Romaine

- Lollo Rosso


– Cheddar

Chickpea Hummus:

– Chickpea

- Tahini

- Seasoning

House Baked Farmhouse Bread:

- Multigrain
(pumpkin seeds/sunflower/oats/flex seeds )  

• Wash and soak chickpeas overnight. Next day, drain them and add it to a blender with all the ingredients.
• Add secret spices, garlic, mint, parsley, scallion & mix really well.

• Take small portion and shape them into balls. Divide the mixture into 22 equal portions.
• Now deep fry it in oil While still hot, crush cooked falafel balls, mix with Iceberg, Romaine and Lollo Rosso , add a tablespoon of hummus, pickles.

Smoked Veggies Sandwich in Ciabatta 

Smoked Veggies Sandwich in Ciabatta


  1. Ciabatta 1
  2. Salted Butter 20g
  3. Basil Pesto 25g
  4. Iceberg 15g
  5. Green Lettuce 15g
  6. Lolo Rosso 15g
  7. Grilled Vegetables 
(Zucchini/Bell Peppers/Capsicum) 100g
  8. Cheese Slice 1
  9. Mustard Mayo Spread 25 g
  10. Parsley 5g

• Cut the Ciabata bread into half.
• Spread the butter and toast it.
• On the bottom half spread house made basil pesto and put smoked veggies and bocconcini.

• Cover the sandwich from the crown of the bread.

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