A Shoe With A Purpose – Reaching out to impoverished children

A Shoe With A Purpose – Reaching out to impoverished children


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The DEBBY Footwear team announced today the launch of their holiday food and shoes drive – A Shoe With A Purpose. Originally founded in 2014, this drive has successfully distributed food, shoes and blankets to several impoverished children In different locations.

Poverty was never really a common problem in children a decade ago but with the global economic crisis spreading and significant government cuts there is a tremendous rise in child poverty and this is set to soar according to the new research done by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, (IFS).

The research forecast 37% of children will be in poverty by 2022 and these trend is becoming a global trend. With the face of child poverty now changing to all races, it is now very critical to reach out to these children in order to build a better tomorrow.

According to the Trussell Trust, a UK leading voice in the study of Child Poverty, in the United Kingdom alone 586,907 three day emergency food supplies given to people in crisis in first half of this year, a 13% increase on the same period last year – 208,956 to children.

The scathing consequences of poverty can be seen from the several many hidden food banks operating in the UK alone and this seems to be the trend as well in Europe proving that poverty can end up being an epidemic in the next few years if action is not taken now. Child poverty is no longer a problem of the third world but now at a crisis point globally.

Child poverty on the rise in the western countries

Quoting Deborah Thomas, Founder of DEBBY Footwear,

“It is very difficult to reach out to every single child due to lack of enough funds and resources but with your help from purchasing from DEBBY or simply donating towards this cause will provide an opportunity to reach out to more children.”

Quoting Alan Greenstein, Board Member, London Glossy,

“Every Child deserves the best, every child deserves to have their dreams realised. But childhood poverty can hamper those dreams. We must strive to lift up these children’.

20% of all sales from DEBBY Footwear is donated to this campaign and you can support this wonderful cause by sending your pledge via the contact form below with your email address stating how much you are happy to donate and the DEBBY team will contact you. Or alternatively, you can donate directly by PayPal using the button below or into the crypto currency address below the form.”

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