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Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Trad War

Tariffs on Chinese goods to US in force from today

A 15% duty on imported Chinese goods to the US comes into force today despite ongoing talks. It is the latest round of tariffs to...

Latest news

Tens of millions join Blackout Tuesday in solidarity with George Floyd protests

Social media feeds went dark and quiet on Tuesday as tens of millions of people showed solidarity with the black community following the death...

Zoom booms as pandemic drives millions to video service

Zoom Video Communications is rapidly emerging as the latest internet gold mine as millions of people flock to its conferencing service to see colleagues,...

Paris police fire tear gas as George Floyd protests spread around the world

Riot police in Paris have fired tear gas as scattered protesters pelted them with debris and set fires during an unauthorised demonstration against racial...

US patients given first dose of coronavirus antibody treatment

Patients have been given the first dose of a potential antibody treatment designed to fight coronavirus. Scientists developed the antibody in just three months after...

EU accused of ‘wishful thinking’ over claims UK set to compromise in trade talks

Brussels has been accused of “wishful thinking” over claims that the UK could be prepared to compromise on fishing and demands for alignment with...
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