Timberlake injury stalls movie

Timberlake injury stalls movie


Justin Timberlake's injury has halted filming on Now

Justin Timberlake’s latest film has been postponed, after the star suffered a leg injury.

The pop star turned actor was trying to do a stunt for Now (formerly known as I’m.Mortal) when he injured his left leg, and production has been halted to give him time to recover.

“Justin Timberlake sustained a muscle injury to his calf on the set of Andrew Niccol’s thriller Now. Production has taken a brief hiatus and will resume shortly,” the production company told E! Online.

Justin, who has been spotted hobbling around on crutches, insisted his injury isn’t too serious.

“My calf, it’s not that bad – it’ll be fine. It’s not irreversibly damaged,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

“I was just on set and I hurt it. I wish I had a way better story about how I got into this Bruce Lee, Kung Fu fight with someone and ‘You should see the other guy,’ but unfortunately I did it to myself.”

Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy and Olivia Wilde also star in the sci-fi film, which is set in a dystopic future where ageing stops at 25 years old.

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