Revered fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger has said it would be an “honour” to dress Meghan Markle.

Meghan is one of the most influential trendsetters in the world and brands often enjoy a huge spike in interest after she has been pictured wearing their clothes.

Hilfiger is no stranger to working with A-list stars, from supermodel Gigi Hadid and actress Zendaya, and admitted he would “love” to dress Meghan.

Speaking at a charity event in Los Angeles, he told the Press Association: “It would be an honour, are you kidding? I would love that, I only hope she asks someday.”

Hilfiger added: “She’s pretty awesome, amazing.”

Hilfiger founded his lifestyle brand in 1985 and has built it into a global powerhouse.

He was speaking at the Race To Erase MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Gala at Los Angeles’ Beverly Hilton on Friday.

Hilfiger, 68, has a personal connection to the disease, a neurological condition affecting the central nervous system, after his sister Dorothy suffered from MS for 40 years before her death last year.

In 2015 Hilfiger was honoured at the gala for his commitment to finding a cure.



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