Trump tells French president’s wife, ‘You’re in good shape’

Trump tells French president’s wife, ‘You’re in good shape’


Donald Trump has been captured on video complimenting the French president’s wife’s appearance as he toured a famous Paris landmark.

Footage posted on the French government’s official Facebook page showed Mr Trump, French leader Emmanuel Macron and their wives chatting after their tour of the museums at Les Invalides. As they were saying their goodbyes, Mr Trump turned to Brigitte Macron and gestured toward her body. “You know, you’re in such good shape,” he said, before repeating the observation to her husband. “Beautiful,” he added.

Mrs Macron, 64, was her husband’s high school teacher and their relationship has drawn international attention because of their significant age difference. But feminists and 39-year-old Mr Macron have denounced that attention as sexist, arguing that nobody would blink an eye if he were the older spouse.

The Macrons’ age difference is similar to that of Donald and Melania Trump, aged 71 and 47, who were spending two days in Paris in celebration of Bastille Day. The US president has drawn criticism in the past for comments some say objectify and demean women, including the infamous Access Hollywood tape in which he bragged about sexually assaulting women and boasted: “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

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