Trump visits US-Mexico border to make case for wall

Trump visits US-Mexico border to make case for wall

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President Donald Trump is visiting the US-Mexico border in a bid to bolster his case for a wall after talks with Democrats ended in acrimony.

Mr Trump stormed out of his meeting with congressional leaders as efforts to end the partial government shutdown fell into deeper disarray.

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers will not be paid again on Friday.

“The Opposition Party & the Dems know we must have Strong Border Security, but don’t want to give ‘Trump’ another one of many wins!” Mr Trump tweeted on Thursday before departing for Texas.

During his stop in McAllen, Mr Trump will visit a border patrol station for a discussion on immigration and border security.

But Mr Trump has expressed his own doubts that his appearance and remarks will change any minds, as he seeks 5.7 billion dollars for the wall that has been his signature promise since his presidential campaign.