Turkey formally protests over minister’s treatment in Netherlands

Turkey formally protests over minister’s treatment in Netherlands


Turkey’s foreign ministry has summoned the Netherlands’ top diplomat to formally protest against its treatment of a Turkish minister in the country over the weekend. It also raised what it said was “disproportionate” use of force against demonstrators in a protest that ensued.

The Dutch embassy’s charge d’affaires, Daan Feddo Huisinga, was called to the ministry where a top official handed him two formal protest notes, ministry officials said. Two Turkish ministers were prevented from campaigning in the Netherlands on Sunday.

The family affairs minister was escorted out of the country while the foreign minister was denied permission to land. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to retaliate against the Netherlands after claiming that “Nazism is alive in the West”.

The first note protested over practices that it said were contrary to international conventions, diplomatic courtesy and diplomatic immunities, and requested a written apology from the Dutch authorities, a ministry statement said.

Turkey also reserved its right to seek compensation, the Dutch diplomat was told. The second note protested over the treatment of Turkish citizens who had gathered outside the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam, saying “disproportionate force” had been used against “people using their right to peaceful gatherings”.

It added that Turkish nationals had been subjected to “inhumane and derogatory” treatment and called for those responsible to be identified and punished.

It was the third time that the Dutch diplomat has been summoned since tensions broke out between the two countries after two ministers were prevented from campaigning in the Netherlands.



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