Twilight fans don't recognise Sheen

Twilight fans don't recognise Sheen


Michael Sheen says many Twilight fans don't recognise him

Michael Sheen says Twilight fans rarely spot who he is.

The 41-year-old, who plays Aro in the vampire movies, has revealed how clever contact lenses and a dark wig have helped him evade the sort of attention that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner attract on a daily basis.

“On the whole people don’t tend to recognise me from it because I look so different I guess,” he admitted at the Hollywood premiere of Tron: Legacy

“I think it’s usually people’s mums and dads that go ‘see that guy over there, he’s Aro’ because they’ve seen me in stuff,” he laughed.

“The younger teenagers just can’t quite believe it because I haven’t got red eyes in real life and long black hair,” he added.

But the British star says he does enjoy meeting the fans that do realise he plays one of the vampire leaders.

“They just get really excited and it’s lovely to see that being in something like the Twilight films can cause that sort of excitement in people,” he admitted.

In the Tron sequel, Michael gets to dress up again, donning an elaborate sucked-in space suit to play Castor.

“The costume was very uncomfortable but the look, this was one of my favourite looks I’ve ever had,” he confessed.

“It’s just so extreme. It’s like part 70s glam rock, part circus ring master, part Bridget Neilson. It’s a good look!” he laughed.

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