WATCH: ‘Lexit’ – The Movie; Labour posts it’s stand for the ‘leave’...

WATCH: ‘Lexit’ – The Movie; Labour posts it’s stand for the ‘leave’ campaign


Labour has been quiet when it comes to their campaign for leaving the European Union. It was stated a while before following the “Brexit: The Movie”, that the labour supporters of the leave campaign were going to release there own documentary.

From MPs like Kate Hoey, George Gallaway and members of the Firefighter Fire Brigade Union, Paul Embery, to the fishermen in Scotland, information was acquired in order to prove a solid case that leaving the EU is what is best for the working class of Britain.

Are you surprised to know that the remain camp has gotten most of it’s funding from banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, the same banks that played part in the economic crisis not too long ago.

“This is about European capitalism…which has pushed the global agenda which favours the Goldman Sachs… JP Morgan’s.”

And what of the TTIP that has been carefully avoided in almost every Q&A, debate and parts of media? Surely, this is information that should be told to the public. Well not exactly, since it is privately negotiated with EU members, and not spoken of in campaigns, until now.

“Probably one of the biggest threats to public services across Europe,” says Paul Embery.

It starts to look like we can kiss the NHS goodbye as soon as we remain in the EU.

“TTIP is the biggest shark in the water…it is an existential threat to what British people believe in…in the public sector,” George Gallaway MP.

“They have a legal definition of what your current account deficit can be, they have a legal definition of what your public level of debt can be, and if you breach them, you will be crushed.”

“They have outlawed, socialism but also keynsianism.”

The crisis is also pointed out mostly from the perspective of the labour supportingnfishermen in the northern seas. The fishermen have seen losses in numbers over the years, stating that the EU has blocked British fishing fleets from working in the northern seas.

“As it stands now, we’re just having 70% of the quarter”

“With Brexit, we will have a say in our own destiny.”

They had two weeks and £6,000 to make a film, and after a fortnight of compiling information, here is the result. Lexit – The Movie:

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