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Friday, June 25, 2021
Pope Francis shared the limelight with a member of the public dressed as Spider-Man during a gathering at the Vatican on Wednesday. Twenty-eight-year-old Matteo Villardita – who dons the comic-book...
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6 Easy Exercise Habits

Power Of Petals


Republicans block Democrats’ signature elections bill

The Democrats’ sweeping attempt to rewrite US election and voting law stalled in the Senate on Tuesday, blocked by a wall of Republican opposition...

Biden and Putin plunge into hours of talks at summit

US president Joe Biden and Russia’s Vladimir Putin launched into hours of face-to-face talks on Wednesday in a highly anticipated summit at a time...

Finland’s local elections a test for nation’s young leader

Finland is holding local elections which are seen as a first test for its popular young Social Democratic Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who took...

EU vows to use all available tools to ensure UK honours Brexit agreement

Top European Union officials have vowed to use all available measures to ensure the UK respects the terms of its Brexit agreement with the...

Republican push to review election results continues

Six months after Donald Trump’s defeat conspiracy theorists and backers of the former president are continuing their push for repeated examinations of ballots and...

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Everything you need to know about the re-reboot of your favourite childhood flick.

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Aquatic Fitness

Are you bored of your usual, traditional exercise regimes or trudging on the treadmill? And craving for an hourglass e figure but with a different form to experiment with?...

Organic Secrets: Herbs for beauty & body

For centuries, herbs have been the main source of beauty aids. Organic fruits, herbs and vegetables have found their way into woman’s beauty care...

Happy Blends

Are you sleep-less or over-worked, stressed or exhausted from too much work or partying, travelling or simply feeling meh? Well, all you may need...

Walking for just an hour a day can undo the damage done by sitting at a desk for eight hours

Studies have shown that walking for a one-hour every day can cancel out the deadly effect of sitting down for long periods. Scientists who analysed...


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STRESS: Can make you or break you

Three out of four people say that they’re under moderate to severe stress at least twice a month, while most people face mild stresses on a daily basis. You’ve...

Men’s Baldness – Causes of Hair Loss & Prevention

By Deborah Thomas There are several causes of baldness or hair loss in men and more men are now beginning to experience baldness as early...

Understanding The Tier System of Restrictions in England

By Deborah Thomas England will be coming out of a full lockdown on the 2nd of December but unfortunately there are stricter restrictions to follow...

Reforms Needed After George Floyd’s Murder – #BlacklivesMatter

By Deborah Thomas The term 20/20 vision in optical test terms means a perfect vision. Millions use this term regularly and we are now in...


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The Night Cap

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Fat Burners & Energy Boosters!

Don’t we all like natural fat burning foods which also double up as energy boosters? Well, there are plenty of food and herbs which act as organic calorie burners...

All Things Cheese!

It’s that time of the year when you have a spring in your step, resolutions are in place and you want to start your...

The secret to living longer could lie within spicy foods

A new study has discovered a link between spicy foods and living longer, after analysing nearly half a million Chinese people and their eating...

The Sugar Solution!

Do you feel hungry or thirsty after your meals? Do you feel very tired after carbohydrate meals? Are you suffering from sugar cravings? Are...


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