7 Ways To Getting Out Of A Rut


By Deborah Thomas

Sometimes life feels like quicksand – unpleasant, messy, exhausting and you feel that you are sinking. And all too often it seems like you are on roller coaster that just keeps going in circles. At the beginning you feel like you’re getting somewhere but then only to end up in the exact place you started from. This sounds like a familiar tune. Many of us have been in situations where you find yourself in that rut and no one to get you out. If only someone would throw you a rope for the quicksand situation or get you off the roller coaster. Instead of spending all the time waiting and wondering if, why not hop on our motivational ride to 7 stops to check out our suggested 7 Ways to get you out of that rut.

1.      Change your attitude.

making a change
Break free from the entire old attitude, we need to be able to take ‘breaks’ and go do something completely different from our daily routine. This sounds like a perfect refreshing tonic

2.      Find Companionship

holding-hands friendship
Finding a partner or that best friend that you can share your thoughts and worry with is a fabulous way of decongesting your self. There are so many ways to develop friendship in the way of social media. With facebook, twitter and myspace and others, we are spoilt for choice. Why not explore the various social media tools to see what suits you best.

3.      Stop Dwelling on the past.

Moving Forward
Holding on to the past or dwelling on past bad experiences brings nothing but bad memories and bad thoughts to the mind. Sometimes, you benefit more by just moving forward and giving yourself a fresh start.

4.      Stop waiting to be rescued from your situation.

It is easy to keep expecting others to solve your problems even when they are not obliged to do so. This is the time to take control of the situation and take the bulls by the horns and just do it.

5.      Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

feeling sorry for yourself
You gain or achieve nothing by feeling sorry for yourself. Feeling sorry for yourself could be a huge burden to the mind and it is widely known that excessive worry often brings more physical tiredness. Give yourself a new makeover and get busy.

6.      Consciously achieve at least one Personal Growth goal per day

Setting Goals

There is nothing as good as writing down a plan of some sort towards whatever you want to achieve. Either personal or business, set a goal per day and it does not matter if you get to repeat this goal all through the week. It is a big step forward.


It can be very hard to stay positive, especially when you going through difficult times but one very effective method of clearing the mind of negative thoughts is by engaging in a positive activity or just simply doing some fun stuff like going dancing. With the ever popular TV show, Strictly Come Dancing making waves in Britain and in the United States of America, getting signed up in your local dance studio will do you some good. This will bring out the funny side of you


  1. Deborah, do you have any audio for any of your articles available, I will like to add this to our website.

  2. Already stopped feeling sorry for myself and made changes. You only live once

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