Natural Allergy Relief



–Deborah Thomas

Those who suffer with allergies are forced to deal with their symptoms or use synthetic products that have unwanted side effects such as foggy thinking or fatigue. In time, these chemical products can make your allergies worse or cause other health problems. More and more people are switching to natural allergy relief products and find that they work well at diminishing their symptoms.

Follow An Anti-inflammatory Diet

Many times all you’ll need to do to combat allergy symptoms is to change your diet. Allergies are an inflammatory disease and by stopping the chemicals in your body that cause inflammation you can improve allergy symptoms. There are several anti-inflammatory diet books on the market, or you can simply cut out foods that you may be allergic to such as wheat and dairy products.

Have Yogurt Daily

Some foods have been shown to help reduce allergy symptoms. Yogurt is one of the best, even though it’s a dairy product. The natural live cultures in yogurt make it possible for even those with intolerance to lactose to enjoy it on a daily basis. By having a cup or two of low fat yogurt each day you may be able to reduce your symptoms by 90% or more.

Herbs and Spices

Add more garlic, turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon to your food. The chemicals in these herbs and spices may help relieve allergy and asthma symptoms. There are natural teas available that contain herbs and spices specifically tailored for allergy sufferers. A cup or two a day is all it could take to alleviate your allergies.


A large number of people have found relief from their allergies by having regular acupuncture sessions. These very slender needles, when inserted by a professional acupuncturist, can barely be felt and are said to open up the energy meridians of the body. Those who have tried it report clearer sinuses, less sneezing and reduction of headaches. Until you get your allergies under control you may need to go in a few times a week then have less sessions over time.

These are a few of the best ways to fight allergy symptoms naturally while boosting your overall health and energy levels. In time you may find that you can get rid of your over the counter or prescription allergy medication and feel better than ever.


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