Act Now! Child Poverty Is Becoming An Epidemic

Act Now! Child Poverty Is Becoming An Epidemic


Child Poverty is rising worldwide and it will become an uncontrollable epidemic in the near future if not plugged now.

Last year has seen a devastating phenomenon of hunger and starvation in children from several countries with major charitable organisation announcing that this is crisis that is now getting out of control. Malnutrition is on the rise leading to obscene number of children with dangerous infectious diseases like cholera, dysentery and other related illnesses that are caused mainly from lack of food and clean water.

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Endless wars in the Middle East and the migrant crisis in Europe has seen this catastrophe quadruple and will require many more effective drops of food, clothings and temporary shelters. The war in Yemen and Iraq akon has seen innocent children affected the most. Food aid and medical aid is not reaching the zones fast enough and children are dying everyday.

We Need To Act Now

London Glossy In collaboration with the DEBBY Team are working together with several volunteers to provide food & clothing to affected children. In order to succeed, we need more in order to reach out to many more children.

Quoting Alan Greenstein, Board Member, London Glossy,

“Every Child deserves the best, every child deserves to have their dreams realised. But childhood poverty can hamper those dreams. We must strive to lift up these children’.

20% of all sales from DEBBY Footwear is donated to this campaign and you can support this campaign directly by PayPal using the paypal option below or to find out other ways to give please contact us using the form below

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